Saturday, 14 June 2008

Occult homphobia

This wonderful little list does a rather excellent job of dispelling any ideas that Paganism is inherently more tolerant and decent than any other religious belief system. Collected by Phil Hine (noted Chaos Magickian) and Paul McAndrew, it gives a number of quotes which can be used to show that stupidity is prevalent everywhere.

"What people have to remember is that Wicca; man and woman, God and Goddess is a fertility cult - a heterosexual fertility cult."
- Wiccan author Keith Morgan, interviewed at Autumn Link-Up '89

"The Wiccan cult stands for fertility and re-creation and not the sexual union between two 'spiritual' members of the same sex as some groups like to believe."
- Kevin Carlyon, Hastings & St. Leonards Observer, 1985.

"Thus the blasphemy of the homosexual formula, for it denies Babalon and breeds devils in chaos."
- Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden.

"The (Hornsea) Group ... considers that any genuinely contacted fraternity could not countenance working with sexual deviants of any sort. The reasons for this should be obvious to any trained occultist."

" can't work magic with a homosexual. Homosexuals just can't create a current."
- Quotes from Tanya Luhrmann's 'Persuasions of the Witches' Craft'

"Homosexuals are not human"
- Nicholas Tereshencko, in a letter to the Lamp of Thoth

"Blockages in the mulahadra chakra can lead to child abuse, sodomy and rape."
- remark by a teacher of a 'Gnostic Study Group' in Leeds, 1991.

"Anyone who is bisexual or homosexual cannot advance spiritually."
- remark by Wiccan High Priestess, 1985.

"Homosexuals cannot be true witches...we want no kinks in our circle."
- quoted from a Wiccan magazine, exact source unknown.

"...when homosexuality is not 'natural' or else cannot be explained in terms of incomplete, inborn forms of sexual development, it must have the character of a deviation, vice or a perversion."
- Julius Evola "The Metaphysics of Sex."

"Homosexuals are simply fighting against their Karma - the homosexual man simply has more 'feminine' energy in his 'lower self'. The Lesbian simply has more 'masculinity' in her lower self."
- The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

"The homosexual male does not imitate the female adult when he 'camps' but the female child his mother played to him. Maturer aspects of adult love are often missing, and the homosexual couple finds difficulty in making an alliance of the sort that deepens with time."
- Jean Wedloff, The Continuum Concept

"Women are by nature Yin (passive, soft, centrifugal). When they become too Yang by taking too much Yang food - the become miserable...they devote themselves to animal pets, or they turn homosexual. Their life is miserable because it violates all natural laws.

...the homosexual and the asexual person are the most pitiful of all - and the literature of the West is littered with their monstrosities ... sexual abnormality can be cured in time by strict adherence to the macrobiotic regime."
- Sakurazawa Ngoiti, Macrobiotics.

"Homosexual freedom can be associated with the decline of Greece. from the first Century onward, homosexuality flourished in Rome; male prostitution developed to an extraordinary extent and another great empire fell."

"An active, aggressive male homosexual is in a great position of responsibility. By practising oral or anal sex with his male lover, he transmits his karma as well as his hormones & vitality. The links in a chain of destiny are established and invariably passed on to others ... Homosexual men transform one another psychically but pay the price of complex metaphysical entanglements."

"Surely it is time for homosexuals themselves to wake up to the reality of their situation and seek solutions to their problems, rather than campaigning for more acceptance of homosexuality. Eastern techniques offer practical techniques for overcoming the wiles of destiny."
- Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger, Sexual Secrets.

So remind me again why Pagans are so superior to Christians and Muslims?

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